About Us

We create software and websites.

But so do many companies/freelancers/agencies.

So what makes us different?

Glad you asked.

It’s simple.

We don’t listen to what you say you want.

I know, that seems like a negative differentiating factor.

But it’s not.



A common occurrence when a business pays for software/website to get developed for them is they get what they asked for.

But not what they needed.

There are so many examples I don’t know where to start.

(Well actually I do, here’s an article/case study we wrote about a client we dealt with that demonstrates this idea)

The point is, to properly create software/website there must first be a requirements gathering stage.

And that is what we do great.

That is what sets us apart.

Our initial meeting to really get to know your business and its needs for software is the secret ingredient to our success.

It is the reason all our customers come out 100% satisfied.
It is the reason most of our clients come from referrals.
It is the reason we can complete projects within budget.
It is the reason we are where we are today.

It may be hard to understand the advantages our process offer.

So contact us to find out more.

We would love to explain to you our process in detail.

Just do yourself a favor and don’t go waste money on software developed before hearing us out.

(Or reading our article at the very least)

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